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PBKDF2Online tool to test your Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 implementation
Base encoder/decoderNot a typical char by char conversion
Base64 Encode ⇄ DecodeOnline tool to encode and decode strings
base58check.pyBase58Check implementation in Python
svgcPerform aritmetic operations within SVG files (Archived)
The ByteApps logo above was created using this tool.

Blog Posts

Add JWT Authentication to Node.js
A safer way to deal with passwords
Parsing post data 3 different ways in Node.js without third-party libraries
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SpitBomb v2 Level EditorLevel Editor and pixel art editor for SpitBomb v2.
Flappy UnicornCreated this project to show my kids how to create a game really quickly.
Spit Bomb2 player shooting game
Fun KeysOne player arcade game, similar to guitar-hero gameplay
Metal BreakerOne player brick-breaker style arcade game